Move In Day.

Mom, Uncle Thy, Grandpa, Jenny and Jasmine dropped me off at my dorm today. And when they left, I actually cried.  I think it just really hit me that Mom is going to be at home by herself now since Julie and I are both away at school. She hugged me, told me not to cry, and even offered to take me home and then drive me back up to LA the next day-just so we could spend one more day together. But I insisted that it was okay and so she hugged me once more before leaving. My first year at college was rough. But as anxious as I am to come back and possibly face all of that again, this time I feel like I’m heading in with a better mindset than I did the year before. I feel much more hopeful.

I’m excited for both myself and Julie because it’s the first time both of us are leaving home and starting our lives someplace else.

Much love,