I’m Finally Posting

 I’m really glad that Jocelyn and I decided to do this together because if it was left up to me, there would be zero content on here. It’s been a long time coming but I finally feel like I have enough free time to take this on.

As an undergrad at UC San Diego, everyday was academically stimulating and I learned a lot but I think in the past two years since graduating, I’ve learned the most in regards to myself and my ambitions. When I was in school, I was very unsure of what my life would look like after graduation. I have always envied the people who knew exactly what they were passionate about and how to get there. It took me leaving school to finally realize what I wanted but I’m not bitter for having a late start. I wasn’t ready before. I believe that I have the opportunities that I do today because I truly want it and I’ve worked really hard for it. I have never felt more motivated to pursue my career and I’m just really looking forward to having the chance to give it my all.

This was a long-winded way to say that I’ve been MIA because I made up my mind to pursue pharmacy in September 2015 and it’s been the only thing on my radar. Since then, I’ve been working on my prerequisite courses,  studying for the PCAT, writing personal statement/supplements and flying to different interviews. It has been draining at times but extremely rewarding to see the results of the work I have put into this process. I may have more interview invites over the next few months (fingers crossed!) but for the most part, I am just waiting to hear back from UCSF and Western University. I don’t want to speak too soon but I do think I will have more time now to update this blog. I think that a lot of work can go into taking photos, editing them and then posting so I try to refrain unless I know I have the time to do it.

After my interview at UCSF last weekend, I flew home immediately that night with my mom. I had planned a Big Bear cabin trip with friends back in November before I received the interview invite so our SF trip was very short.

 Early on Saturday morning, we headed up in two cars. This was the first time I experienced a snowy Big Bear and having to deal with snow chains. It was a little bit hectic driving up the mountain but we made it!

Me, Kelli and Cathy on the medieval ski lifts on Day 1 aka the only photo I have from our actual snowboarding day.

The following morning as we were checking out of our cabin, we found a dog.

And Raul found Tracey’s missing GoPro. Finding missing belongings seemed to be a common theme on our trip.

Julian and Danny clearing the driveway.

Bringing our short but sweet cabin trip to an end.

Much love friends,

P.S. I need a fancy signature png like Joce.