I’m in College Now.

img_5605I had plans to make a bunch of posts about move in day and settling in and whatnot, but of course that didn’t end up happening. Julie gave me her camera when she came to visit, so hopefully I’ll fall back into the rhythm of taking photos again.

img_5611img_5608I recreated the photo wall I have at home and pinned up photos of everyone. It’s been up for weeks now but it’s still comforting for me to look at.
img_5617-2 img_5616 I let myself sleep in and woke up to see that it had rained earlier in the morning. Being the lazy person I am, I decided to stay in and eat a bowl of cereal.

I’m just so glad we have food in our room.
img_5622 img_5630 img_5640I had an essay to write for my English class that I been putting off for the past few days. I finally forced myself to sit down and do it, setting an unrealistic time goal and hoping that I’d finish by 3:30.

Yeah, let’s just say it took me way longer than that. img_5642img_5645Thomas lives across the street from my dorm and he usually (“always” – Thomas) comes over so that we can study and do homework together. Or sometimes we just end up watching tv shows like Westworld or Game of Thrones.

Okay maybe a lot of the times. img_5648I’ll try to take photos and post more frequently, but for now here’s a photo of Thomas’s shoes. I still cringe every time he wears these.

It’s currently week 6 of the fall quarter and I like that the weeks are starting to blur and go by faster. I do tend to miss home and everyone more often than I’d thought I would and I have to admit that I’m still adjusting to being here.

I’m just really excited to come back home for Thanksgiving, even though it’s a few weeks away.

Much love,